Our goal is to make your stay the easiest, most accommodating, part of your TDY here at Altus Air Force Base. We believe, with little doubt, that we are the closest Crashpad to Altus Air Force Base; in fact, you can even hear Taps play at night if you listen closely. We chose this house to make your transition from the training environment to "home" that much quicker and easier.

We offer so much more than the "other guys" do! To name a few things, we put wall-mounted Smart TVs, Walk-In Closets & Memory Foam Mattresses in every bedroom! We have a Mini Fridge that we'll keep stocked with your drink of choice (assuming the free Keurig Cups aren't enough) and we'll keep the kitchen stocked with breakfast snacks to help you start your early days!

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Because We Care:

  • Giant Smart TVs

  • Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Walk-In Closets in Every Room

  • High Speed Wifi

  • Premium Audio (with Bluetooth)

  • Full Package Cable

  • In-Ground Tornado Shelter

  • Keyless entry

  • Complimentary Breakfast Items

  • Catered Lunches + Dinners

  • Ask-And-Receive  Premium Streaming Services (Disney+, etc)

For Your Convenience:

  • Brand New Houses

  • Giant Living Rooms

  • Newly Furnished Bedrooms

  • High Quality, Soft Sheets

  • Washer & Dryer

  • Walk-In Tiled Showers

  • Smart A/C

  • Premium Counter Tops

  • Weekly Cleaning Service

  • Fast Response Times

  • Queen & King Size Mattresses

  • Full Size Dressers

Don't Waste YOUR TIME With Other Crashpads Who Claim They Offer "The same as TNT Crashpads"
What the "other guys" offer: Furniture (and a house) from the 90's, outdated, small TVs, slow internet,
monthly cleaning service, Base-line Cable, lumpy twin-XL mattresses, & almost none of what we offer!



Your "use-It-Or-Lose-It" Housing Per Diem Covers All This:

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